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Friday, November 21, 2008

Old Man Style

I love the style of old men. 3 reasons why:
1. They color coordinate thier socks, ties, sweaters and hats. Many older men have a good eye for color undertones.
2. They aren't afraid of texture. They often mix textures in thier vintage suits that I hardly ever see in modern suits.
3. They accessorize. I really like basic men's accessories, such as the hat above, or basic ties, or a neatly folded hankerchief in the front pocket.
Guess I am not the type to find gym shorts attractive...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warm on the street.

Here is a reminder that there are many ways to be cute and warm.

Monday, November 10, 2008

That Skirt

Word in the magazines say it's great to wear ribbed tanks tucked into high-waisted skirts. I've seen pics of Amanda Bynes doing it. I think it looks good...on people that aren't me. (that's just how it goes, doesn't it?) I like how this young lady wore the look, because she added a cardigan to the ensemble. Without the cardigan the tank would be too sporty for the skirt she's wearing. It's amazing how cardigans can make an outfit look so much more pulled together. Speaking of the skirt, it's one of my favorite Jared Gold creations. The circus animals printed on the bottom and the ribbon suspenders are very unique. I love the idea of ribbon suspenders.

I wish Jared Gold still designed for black chandelier. Now I will have to find his stuff elsewhere. *sigh*

Well, here's a cheery outfit to console myself for not having bought that shirt when i could:


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am one that can't live without mascara. It's the best thing to wake me up in the morning...when i don't put on mascara, I am sluggish all day! I have tried many different brands and types of mascara. here is the comparison of 3 that I have been trying for the past month. One is designer, one is high-end, and one is from Wal-Mart.

First: Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara, $24, Sephora stores and

Pros: This mascara was very thick, dark, and dramatic. It made my eyelashes stand up tall for the doe-eyed look I try to achieve. It didn't clump easily, and it dried flexible so it was easy to fix mistakes (such as an eyelash pointing in the wrong direction) Also, it stayed on all day without flaking, but because of how flexible it was, it was really easy to take off with eye makeup remover.
Cons: The only thing I can complain about this mascara is the brush. The bristles were too soft and thick. It was hard to get used to putting it on, because I didn't feel like I was combing through my eyelashes. Once I got used to the brush my eyes looked amazing, but that didn't last for long. After a month or so the flexible bristles started sticking to each other. Now I can't even put the mascara on properly. Too bad, because the formula is so great.

Second: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, $15, Mary Kay consultants

Pros: This mascara also made my eyelashes stand tall. The brush was easy to use, and it gave my eyelashes a little extra curl.
Cons: I don't think I have sensitive eyes, but something about this mascara made my eyes burn and water for a couple hours after using it. And if my eyes watered a little too much, this stuff RAN. And it burned my eyes even more when it ran. Also, it wasn't very easy to put on, because the formula was very wet and goopy, which made it dry hard. Which in turn made it very hard to fix any mistakes, because it was like my eyelashes were stuck togeth in plaster. So when I did a good job, it looked awesome, but if I made a mistake, I was stuck with it. The other thing is that it's hard to take off. Even with Mary Kay eyemakeup remover, which has always done a good job for me.

Last: Rimmel London LYCRA® Lash Extender Mascara, about $5, Wal-Mart

Pros: This mascara had a great look. It wasn't as dramatic as the dior mascara, but it came close. It didn't make my eyelashes stand quite as tall, but they looked long and thick enough to satisfy me for school. The brush was a pretty standard easy-to-use one. It didn't flake, and hardly ever clumped. My eyelashes didn't stick together! And when I applied too much in one spot, or made any mistake it was easy to fix.
Cons: I just wish it curled the base of my eyelashes better so they would stand taller. If it was as thick as the Dior mascara, it'd probably be perfect. Also, not much comes in the little bottle. Seems like I am running out fast.

The Verdict? Finish running out of the Rimmel mascara, then use the Rimmel brush with the Dior mascara. Oh, and give the Mary Kay to my sister that likes it more than I do.

A tiny gallery of things that keep men warm:

The sharp blazers: They can new color and texture dimensions to an outfit. I especially like the idea of wearing a blazer with a tee, as seen on the man on the right

Men can carry off preppy cardigans and sweaters in a way that I wish I could...

And for the daring..a colonial inspired jacket.

Monday, October 27, 2008

When fall is warm...

Here are two sunny day outfits...because it is probably the last sunny week of fall.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Variations of plaid.

They may be dance costumes, but i thought these outfits were full of fun ideas. (plus it's always nice to see good use of plaid!) Here are the girls in action. They performed a sweet hip-hop dance at Fashion Stroll.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coloured Jeans

Coloured Jeans are in this fall. So is plaid. Get them combined and you have this awesome folk/indie look.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My other favorite designer from Fashion Stroll Fall 2008

This is Jordan Halverson, with his father. He made what he's wearing and it looks great!
This jacket is his favorite recent creation. The thing I like about this jacket is that as soon as you put it on it's like an instant attitude change. Suddenly you are the sexiest person in the room. I would wear it with a knee-length sleevless black dress with a sweetheart neckline. I suppose it's not a very wild or daring combination, but it would look very swank. I'd like to see other's ideas of how to wear this though (comments please???).Here I am with Jordan's fake moustache! Also quite swank.

I really liked Jordan's designs. I wish I had not missed his show!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall fashion stroll 2008

This fashion stroll I did things a little differently. Actually, it was on accident. I was going to try and take as many pictures as i could of the shows, but instead ending up getting more pictures of street fashion and I had great conversations with the designers. I think this was a happy accident.

So, I want to spread to the world the designers i met Friday night.

Firstly, we have Shelly, who does an excellent job with her line of accessories, GiGi GaGa. I bought the most stuff at her little stand, I'll have to admit. The price was more than right, and these accessories had a cute vintage vibe to them that I couldn't resist.

Here is the designer and her man. She was selling a flower and a bird pins like the ones she was wearing. She was also selling another peacock headband like the one she was wearing. I did buy one of those! I can't wait to wear it.

This is the sign they had for their stand:
An here is one of my associates wearing the ostrich headband!Check again to see pictures of what I bought, and another feature on another designer!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spicing up menswear.

What I like about this outfit is the the use of pattern and texture. He actually did a great job of mixing the plaids in his pants and shirt. They both come from the same shade of green, so it's not overwhelming. The jacket also has the same kind of tone as the rest of the outfit, even though it's a different color. And, he got most of this outfit at DI!
I like the use of layering and accessories here. It's just the right amount.
If you are the more casual type but are stuck in a rut, a funky blazer will shake things up.

Black on Black

Last fall I noticed a lot of people going for the Black on Black look:

This is a look I have never really tried, but I like the way it looks. As you can see this girl added some variation with a light colored purse and pair of shoes.
This fall the black on black look is supposed to be updated by wearing a big pair of really bright earrings. (According to Seventeen) I think it's an idea worth trying.'
However I have noticed that black on black can go the wrong direction it the blacks aren't intense enough. If one black has any hint of brown undertone it'll be really noticeable against a higher-quality rich black. You gotta be careful!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some street fashion I should've put up forever ago:

All of these subjects have done an excellent job in acessorizing and layering.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SLC Pomp's line for fashion stroll

Here are some some great designs from the second show at fashion stroll. However, I can't remember if this is from Shift or Coal Umbrella!

Here is the link to see photos from SLC pomp's full line!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Fashion Stroll Favorites:

Here are some of my favorites from show #1 and SLC Fashion Stroll

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Street Fashion #3

I call him Fashion Guy.

How to look at fashion and get the most out of it

Say you are walking down the street, and someone's clothing catches your eye-perhaps it is a zany, loud, outrageous outfit. Or maybe you saw this outfit on a fashion blog, or in a magazine. Many people crazy outfits and say "Freak!" I see them, and I say "Ideas!"

So, how do you get ideas from something you are unlikely to wear? It's easy! You just have to think objectively and analyticaly while you view you specimen. Let's use an example:

This is a picture from a book every fashion-oriented person should at least take a look at, Fresh Fruits. Anyway, talk about some zany outfits! Perhaps you like simpler looks than this, but something about it sticks out to you. Is it the combination of tights and legwarmers, but you hate the shirt? Well it doesn't have to be as busy as she likes it, just try out the tights and legwarmers with a simple, neutral skirt and a top that compliments the color of the tights.

Or maybe you like the pink oriental-style cape, but think it doesn't look so great with a red, puffy skirt. Do you see what I mean? Sometimes, we don't like or own all that the media shows us, but that shouldn't stop us! You should still be able to try new and interesting things in your style.

I thought everyone knew this, but many people's responses to what I show them tell me the opposite!

So, next time you are perusing around the fashion world, see if you can take elements out of what you see and piece together something that would work for you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Really cool bike, plus a sweet jacket

Street Fashion #2 (GALLERY STROLL!)

I love the hats. And the vest.
If you enlarge it, you should be able to see the neato stripes on her dress.
I think this one is my favorite. All the combinations are so striking.
This is one of the editors of SLC Pomp! Doesn't she look fitting for the job?
Hm, maybe I should start wearing shawls more often...
Don't they all look great? I love the creative combinations going on here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Modesty T-shirt

If you live in the western USA, especially Utah, chances are that you have seen (or own) one of these:

Now, these modesty shirts are great if you want to me modest, they just don't look that stylish when layered under a cute little spaghetti strap top. Really, they don't. Actually, they scream, "Hey my mom made me wear this underneath, but since it's white you can just pretend it's not there!"

For some reason, that just doesn't sound appealing. So, I have come up with a list of ways you can be modest, look good, and make a better statement out of it
Things to wear that aren't Modesty Tees:
  • Colored turtleneck
  • Top with puffy sleeves

  • Bolero sweater

  • Knit cardigan
  • Modesty Tee with colored, thick-strapped tank-top

  • Shrug

  • Button up blouse: plaid, pinstriped, or plain (alliterations attack!)

  • Textured blouse

  • Graphic tee
  • Tee in a contrasting color

  • Polo shirt

  • 3/4 sleeve henley

  • Anything with interesting sleeves/collar

Wow! I just thought 13 things you can layer with instead of a grubby old white capsleeved tee!
Remember kids, you CAN be modest, fashionable, and make a statment.