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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am one that can't live without mascara. It's the best thing to wake me up in the morning...when i don't put on mascara, I am sluggish all day! I have tried many different brands and types of mascara. here is the comparison of 3 that I have been trying for the past month. One is designer, one is high-end, and one is from Wal-Mart.

First: Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara, $24, Sephora stores and

Pros: This mascara was very thick, dark, and dramatic. It made my eyelashes stand up tall for the doe-eyed look I try to achieve. It didn't clump easily, and it dried flexible so it was easy to fix mistakes (such as an eyelash pointing in the wrong direction) Also, it stayed on all day without flaking, but because of how flexible it was, it was really easy to take off with eye makeup remover.
Cons: The only thing I can complain about this mascara is the brush. The bristles were too soft and thick. It was hard to get used to putting it on, because I didn't feel like I was combing through my eyelashes. Once I got used to the brush my eyes looked amazing, but that didn't last for long. After a month or so the flexible bristles started sticking to each other. Now I can't even put the mascara on properly. Too bad, because the formula is so great.

Second: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, $15, Mary Kay consultants

Pros: This mascara also made my eyelashes stand tall. The brush was easy to use, and it gave my eyelashes a little extra curl.
Cons: I don't think I have sensitive eyes, but something about this mascara made my eyes burn and water for a couple hours after using it. And if my eyes watered a little too much, this stuff RAN. And it burned my eyes even more when it ran. Also, it wasn't very easy to put on, because the formula was very wet and goopy, which made it dry hard. Which in turn made it very hard to fix any mistakes, because it was like my eyelashes were stuck togeth in plaster. So when I did a good job, it looked awesome, but if I made a mistake, I was stuck with it. The other thing is that it's hard to take off. Even with Mary Kay eyemakeup remover, which has always done a good job for me.

Last: Rimmel London LYCRA® Lash Extender Mascara, about $5, Wal-Mart

Pros: This mascara had a great look. It wasn't as dramatic as the dior mascara, but it came close. It didn't make my eyelashes stand quite as tall, but they looked long and thick enough to satisfy me for school. The brush was a pretty standard easy-to-use one. It didn't flake, and hardly ever clumped. My eyelashes didn't stick together! And when I applied too much in one spot, or made any mistake it was easy to fix.
Cons: I just wish it curled the base of my eyelashes better so they would stand taller. If it was as thick as the Dior mascara, it'd probably be perfect. Also, not much comes in the little bottle. Seems like I am running out fast.

The Verdict? Finish running out of the Rimmel mascara, then use the Rimmel brush with the Dior mascara. Oh, and give the Mary Kay to my sister that likes it more than I do.


Redoubt said...

This is good to know. Mascara has always been my nemesis since it tends to flake off my eyelashes and onto my eyeballs, and I hate having stiff, plaster-like eyelashes. I'll probably start using that cheap Walmart brand, since mascara's not important enough to me to spend $24 on it.

I have a magical potion that removes any kind of makeup, and I seriously mean it. It's safe to use on your eyes too, so you can in fact rub it all over your eyelashes. It's called: castor oil + steam + time + washcloth to wipe it off. (mix the castor oil with olive oil, if the castor oil alone dries out your skin too much.)

Redoubt said...

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Rimmel mascara from Smiths, and I like it too, but it's too wet! So I keep another brand that dried out too fast and sometimes switch brushes to even things out. ( i can't remember what the 2nd brand is but it's a drug store variety and in a dark pink tube.)