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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to look at fashion and get the most out of it

Say you are walking down the street, and someone's clothing catches your eye-perhaps it is a zany, loud, outrageous outfit. Or maybe you saw this outfit on a fashion blog, or in a magazine. Many people crazy outfits and say "Freak!" I see them, and I say "Ideas!"

So, how do you get ideas from something you are unlikely to wear? It's easy! You just have to think objectively and analyticaly while you view you specimen. Let's use an example:

This is a picture from a book every fashion-oriented person should at least take a look at, Fresh Fruits. Anyway, talk about some zany outfits! Perhaps you like simpler looks than this, but something about it sticks out to you. Is it the combination of tights and legwarmers, but you hate the shirt? Well it doesn't have to be as busy as she likes it, just try out the tights and legwarmers with a simple, neutral skirt and a top that compliments the color of the tights.

Or maybe you like the pink oriental-style cape, but think it doesn't look so great with a red, puffy skirt. Do you see what I mean? Sometimes, we don't like or own all that the media shows us, but that shouldn't stop us! You should still be able to try new and interesting things in your style.

I thought everyone knew this, but many people's responses to what I show them tell me the opposite!

So, next time you are perusing around the fashion world, see if you can take elements out of what you see and piece together something that would work for you!

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