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Monday, November 10, 2008

That Skirt

Word in the magazines say it's great to wear ribbed tanks tucked into high-waisted skirts. I've seen pics of Amanda Bynes doing it. I think it looks good...on people that aren't me. (that's just how it goes, doesn't it?) I like how this young lady wore the look, because she added a cardigan to the ensemble. Without the cardigan the tank would be too sporty for the skirt she's wearing. It's amazing how cardigans can make an outfit look so much more pulled together. Speaking of the skirt, it's one of my favorite Jared Gold creations. The circus animals printed on the bottom and the ribbon suspenders are very unique. I love the idea of ribbon suspenders.

I wish Jared Gold still designed for black chandelier. Now I will have to find his stuff elsewhere. *sigh*

Well, here's a cheery outfit to console myself for not having bought that shirt when i could:


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Redoubt said...

I think ribbed tanks are just a little too trashy. I am a fan of loose blouses tucked into high-waisted skirts, though.