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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Modesty T-shirt

If you live in the western USA, especially Utah, chances are that you have seen (or own) one of these:

Now, these modesty shirts are great if you want to me modest, they just don't look that stylish when layered under a cute little spaghetti strap top. Really, they don't. Actually, they scream, "Hey my mom made me wear this underneath, but since it's white you can just pretend it's not there!"

For some reason, that just doesn't sound appealing. So, I have come up with a list of ways you can be modest, look good, and make a better statement out of it
Things to wear that aren't Modesty Tees:
  • Colored turtleneck
  • Top with puffy sleeves

  • Bolero sweater

  • Knit cardigan
  • Modesty Tee with colored, thick-strapped tank-top

  • Shrug

  • Button up blouse: plaid, pinstriped, or plain (alliterations attack!)

  • Textured blouse

  • Graphic tee
  • Tee in a contrasting color

  • Polo shirt

  • 3/4 sleeve henley

  • Anything with interesting sleeves/collar

Wow! I just thought 13 things you can layer with instead of a grubby old white capsleeved tee!
Remember kids, you CAN be modest, fashionable, and make a statment.

1 comment:

lovely lady lessy. said...

Mucho thanks for taking a stand against the boring white tees we see EVERYWHERE in Utah.

It's appreciated in my little corner of the state. :)