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Monday, March 9, 2009

Beauty Tips

This Weekend I went to the Beauty Bash for the opening of the new Nordstroms at Fashion Place Mall! It was a blast. I made sure to pay lots of attention to what the makeup artist do in order to bring you my observations. Here are a few tricks I picked up:

1. Use a flat ended, firm bristled eyeshadow brush to get a nice, solid (powder) eyeshadow application. Dip the brush onto the eyeshadow, tap off the excess, and then use the ends of those blunt bristles to tap on the powder. This way you can tap on more in the areas you want a more saturated color. Experiment around with this!

2. Pencil in just a little bit of white, shimmery eyeliner on the inner rims of your bottom lid to make you eyes look big and awake. If it looks a little too strong, blink a few times. Blinking will soften the line.

3. Bronzing powder goes in an arch around your temples and forehead, and along your jawline. You need a big, fluffy brush for bronzer, or you'll look a little cartoonish! Put a little bronzer on the brush, and go along these areas making circles with your brush. Remember, you don't need a lot of bronzer to wake up your skin tone! Also, a multi-shade bronzing powder is good, because it makes it much easier to blend in.

4. Lip liner looks great if you line around the inner rim of your lips (not around the outside!) and then bring some extra lines in on the corners. Blended in with your lipstick, this really makes your lips look fuller!

5. You can use a very natural shade of blush near the inner end of your eybrows and your browbones to pull your eyeshadow colors together. It sounds wierd, but it actually makes your eye makeup look very polished!

Do you like my little model? I named her Lydia. I drew her, because all the face charts I have seen look grumpy! We'll see if she serves me well.

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Redoubt said...

Can you imagine me wearing bronzer? ha!