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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ever-fun Cupcake Boutique

Cupcakes have been high up there in food trends for the past couple years. I hope they stay around, because I have always loved cupcakes more than most other desserts, and I keep liking them more and more! (I don't really get food trends though. Just eat good stuff, people!)
One of my favorite places to get my cupcake fix these days is Mini's Cupcakes. They sell extremely delicious miniature cupcakes with really fun toppings!
Aww look at them all on thier little tower. How cute!
I got two last time I came in because it was thier 1st anneversary of being open. Which means they gave me one for free. The one with Pink frosting is called the Diva. That frosting is the best I have ever had. The other cupcake is S'more flavored. I can't really resist anything that has marshmallows on it. Speaking of which, they also sell yummy homemade marshmallows, along with a drinks (hot chocolate, coffee, juice, etc), and boxed lunches.

They also have adorable tables and chairs.
Mini's is located on 800 South and just east (14 e.) of West Temple if you would like to pay a visit. (and I think that the prices aren't bad!)
Want more? So Cupcakes also just celebrated thier 1 year anniversary. They are located at 3939 S. Highland Drive.

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Redoubt said...

Apparently all these cupcake joints opened at approximately the same time!