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Friday, January 30, 2009


What it the best anti-aging formula (along with sunscreen)? How about the most energizing substance? What do the best dermatologists recommend?

Would you believe me if I said that the answer to these questions is water?

OK, we've all been lectured over and over about the importance of proper hydration and our health. But, I have learned a few new things for myself about water lately and i just really want to share it.
Just look at the ways water will benefit your looks:

1. Because water is in every part of your body, it affects your skin. Water will help keep your skin naturally moisturized, which will prevent it from becoming tired, ashy, and inflamed. Your skin will also retain elasticity, which could help prevent the effect of aging (wrinkles anyone?).
2. When you are dehydrated you may also look more tired. Dark circles and a sallow complexion just aren't flattering.
3. Being improperly hydrated on a daily basis leads to food cravings that will make you end up gaining a few extra pounds. If you are especially craving something greasy and salty, you are probably somewhat dehydrated.

Signs you need water NOW!:

1. Unexplainable headaches or migraines (I realize some people have disorders where they get migraines often, but if you don't have a disorder or large migraine history, you probably need some hydration)
2. Food cravings when you've eaten a good amount or when you are bored
3. Fatigue and overall tiredness

How to be hydrated:
1. Water is really the best way to stay properly hydrated. You see, even though sugary and carbonated drinks are liquid and probably contain water, they counteract one of the roles water takes in your body. Water helps keep your body clean, and putting in the dirt (such as sugar) with the water is just going to put you back at square one.
2. Some other drinks that can help you stay hydrated: 100% juice, skim milk, flavored water(with little or no sweetener) and herbal tea.
3. Avoid caffeine. I know, it's so great, but it is also a diuretic, which means it will drain the water out of your body. (pee anyone?) Not so good in the end. Alcohol is another dehydrating substance, so maybe drink a glass or two of water after the cocktail party?
4.When exercising, you should have a drink every 15 minutes or so. Also, drink a good amount of water right before and right after your workout. From the beginning to the end of your workout, you should have drunk around 24 oz. of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before a workout!
5. When you start a new exercise regimen, you need to drink more water for the first week or so to allow your body to adjust.
6. Is it hard for you to like water or remember to drink it? Slice up some cucumber or citrus fruits and keep it in a pitcher of pure water to make it a pleasant experience. Just remember to take to fruit out at the end of the day!
7. Depending on your size, routine, etc. you should have 7-11 8 oz. glasses of water every day.

In conclusion, some words from Dr. Perricone, world renowned dermatologist: "...If you do not drink water, your organs and cells cannot function. You don't have to overdo it, but if you don't drink water, you cannot metabolize fat, nor can you flush wastes out of the cells. A dehydrated body provokes the development of aging, inflammatory compounds. Water has great anti-inflammatory properties and will help your skin to be radiant, soft, and supple."

(The information in this post was taken from Seventeen Magazine, Sephora: the ultimate guide to skin, beauty, and hair from the beauty authority, The Body Book from Klutz Publishing, and my exercise class.)

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Redoubt said...

I drink about a liter of water every day (that's only 4 cups). Usually a little bit more than that, but sometimes less. It's true that water is basically the best thing ever. I feel so much better when I'm properly hydrated. But it can get pretty difficult to drink so much of the same thing all day long. I drink a lot more if I make some herbal tea, it's more enjoyable than plain water.